Plouise – Is this eyeshadow base worth the hype?

So being a Plouise fan, I obviously had to get this base seeing as she is the queen of blending. I pre-ordered this in the shade Rumour in February which at the time was the only shade. This shade can also be used on several universal skin tones regardless of the shade colour. She has now come out with 6 other shades including a white base and deeper tones which are due to release in May 2018.

Product Description 

A luxurious creamy base to create the perfect blank canvas ready for ultimate colour popping creations. With its super thick consistency and ‘no cracking’ quality, the P.Louise Base is a must have product to have in your kit. Its full coverage formula helps to cancel out any unwanted brow hair and carve out those highly requested fleeky brows.




This base comes in a 10ml squeezy tube with a plastic screw lid. This is great because it is hygienic, less messy and you have total control on how much to squeeze out meaning you won’t waste excess product.



This eyeshadow base is full coverage, smooth and super pigmented primer. It covers any type of pigmentation or veins on the eyelids and is great for evening out the brows or covering sparse eyebrow hairs if you do not pluck your hair, giving it that cleaner effect.



The consistency is thick and very opaque which dries fairly quickly, so it is best to work quickly with this product, applying it all over the lid. The eyeshadow base does not dry down completely but remains as a satin finish. This helps the eyeshadows stick to the eyeshadow base which makes the coloured eyeshadows placed on top pop and also increases the longevity of the eye makeup.  It is best applied with a big flat concealer brush by tapping it over base applied to set it before you go in with any eyeshadow. You can also apply this with your finger however this technique sheers it out so you have to work harder to build it up or even it out.



This has a smooth satin finish and does not need to be set by any powders, unlike other eyeshadow primers. All eyeshadows placed on top of this primer appear very pigmented which allows precision and high colour pay look for eye makeup looks.


Lasting power

My eyeshadow base has stayed intact for around 8-9 hours on my shiny eyelids even though the maximum I have worn it for is 15 hours straight on an event where I have had to get ready super early. It has been reported to last around 10 hours on others I have used it on with drier eyelids before starting to separate as it did on me after 15 hours. As a universal product, I would give it a 10-hour wear.


It’s a thumbs up from me. If you want your eye make up to pop and last for your event, this is the way to go. For a 10ml tube for £10 it’s definitely worth trying out to see how you feel about it. These are soon to be available in larger quantities. Click below to purchase yours now.

Eyeshadow Tutorial coming soon using the Plouise Base and will be posted here once uploaded to YouTube.

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