About me

So, who am I?

My name is Suman, I am a Makeup Artist and a Hijab stylist living in London. – Update, I now do hair!

Here is a little bit about me. I love travelling and I have been travelling for many years ever since I can remember, almost every year except for in Covid. Travelling is an obsession for me, together with my love for makeup!

I am always looking for new sights, experiences and grasp any opportunity to learn new things! Apart from my creative side, I have a BA in Psychosocial studies (no, I cannot read your mind, but it does make me understand you better)

I didn’t ever think I would start something like this but I was requested by my family and friends to share my thoughts and ideas on beauty products, as I am their first point of call when buying any beauty products especially makeup. I have bought and tested enough products to last me and you our lifetimes. The worst part is that I continue to test out new things all the time so I can tell you the do’s and don’t.

Some people say why try to fix something if its not broken, me on the other hand, I say why not find something better!!

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Photography: Mona Munshi