How glow can you go – Highlighter Reviews

As you know it is a year of the highlighters, something every makeup brand now carries. You can never have too many highlighters, I should know, I have enough to last my lifetime and probably yours. I don’t know why but I just can never resist getting another highlighter and to think a year ago I used to hate highlighters. There are no highlighters that I have purchased that I hate but I will give you a list of my top choices and explain why. This was a request from some my blog readers for me to do some product comparisons.

My top powder highlighter choices.

  • The Balm – Mary Lou Manizer
  • Illamasqua – OMG
  • MAC – Gold Deposit
  • Colourpop – Wisp
  • Laura Geller – Ballerina
  • ABH – Dripping in Gold
  • ABH – Golden Bronze
  • Kiko – 208


Carli Bybel Palette 

The highlighters in this palette are super pigmented and have four different shades to choose from, from pale pink to bronze. so you can choose the type of tones you put on your face. I tend to mix them together and also use them in different areas of my face.

$20.00 /£14.50, I paid more for it once postage and custom charges were added.

Freedom – Glow

This is a highlighter I ordered whilst ordering a few other items from this brand. It is a light yellow gold highlighter which I was not sure about. Once using it I realised how pigmented and bright it looks on the skin, it gives an amazing glow to the cheekbones.It looks perfect on medium olive skin tones but does not suit pale skin tones or deeper complexions.


Colourpop in Wisp

This is a beautiful shimmery gold that gives the cheeks a subtle glow, it can go well with all skin tones and is buildable to the desired level of glow. This is also great value for money.

$8.00/£6.00 I paid more for it once postage and custom charges were added.

MAC – Gold Deposit

This is a highlighter that is new to me. It is a beautiful deep golden bronze, which is amazing for having that ‘summer glow’. It looks beautiful on all skin tones, and it is perfect for women of colour.

Illamasqua Beyond Powder in ‘OMG’

I am totally in the in love this highlighter, I have been seeing all the posts on social media about this highlighter and I knew I just had to get it. It is a beautiful champagne highlighter, that has both pink and light gold which reflects beautifully on fair to medium skin tones. It is the perfect glow for brides. It most definately is picked up by the camera with the amazing glow we all look for.


Illamasqua Beyond Powder in ‘Epic’

This highligher is a very pigmented bronze colour which gives the skin a beautiful golden glow. It has bronze and gold reflects and looks lovely on a the skin. It is the perfect glow for summer and  for people of colour. The camera also picks this up beautifully.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in ‘That Glow’

Dripping in Gold is a beautiful subtle glow that will suit most skin tones. This is buildable and you can keep going until you’ve reached your desired look.

Golden Bronze is a warm toned highlighter and is best suited to warm up pale skin tones or for a natural bronze colour for deeper skin tones.

$40.00/£29.00 US price, I paid more for it once postage and custom charges were added because I ordered it from the US when they had not arrived in the UK. It is now available on Cult Beauty in the UK for £39.00.

Kiko – Water eyeshadow

Yes, I am aware that this is not a highlighter but it looks so beautiful on the skin as a highlighter. Oh and of course on the eyes. Both of these are great value for money and highly pigmented.

208 – This is a beautiful gold that I use as a highlighter which looks stunning on all complexions. This is known to be a dupe for the Anastasia Beverley Hills – So Hollywood. It is a beautiful gold glow on the face.

200– This is a peach champagne colour which looks beautiful on the skin for light to medium skin complexions. It is super pigmented which means you only need a little bit of it. It is subtle glow which is buildable to desired look.


Laura Geller – Ballerina

The perfect illuminator for fair skin tones. This is a beautiful pink toned highlighter which looks beautiful on pale to medium skin tones, especically those who have a pink undertone.


Laura Geller – Gilded Honey

This is such a beautiful gold and looks amazing on the cheeks. It is a strong gold which suits medium to deep skin tones.  The ultimate golden glow, which for some it might be too much. Not for me, I love my golden glow.


The Balm – Mary Lou Manizer

This is the go to highlighter when you want your highlighter to pop. This never fails me for that extra glow. Sometimes I add this on top of other highlighters to give that extra glow. This is definately one of the must have highlighters for any kit or personal use for light to medium skin tones.


The Balm – Betty Lou Manizer

This is Mary Lou’s bronze sister. Honestly with these two power duo sister highlighters you are good to glow for life. This is a beautiful light bronze shade which looks stunning on all skin colours. For the pale skin tones it gives a healthy tanned look. For the olive skin tones it gives a lovely warm glow to the skin. For the deeper skin toned it gives a beautiful natural glow.


image1 (1)image1 (2)

If I had to choose one it would be the The Balm – Mary Lou Manizer but the Illamasqua in OMG is fairly near it too. Otherwise I head for the 208 or Gilded Honey which are practically the same.

The perfect duo for myself is the Illamasqua in OMG mixed with Gold deposit.


I am wearing the highlighters OMG and Gold Deposit mixed in this photo.

I hope you enjoy my reviews, comment on my instagram or send an email on what you would like to see next xo

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