Easy Ramadan Reads


This is not an Islamic page, just my thoughts on the books that I have read and benefited from, so thought I would share these with you. Please note all these books only contain information from the Quran and Sunnah. 

I thought I would do a quick post about some easy reads during Ramadan. Yes I know I’m late, but hey, we still have a few more days and the most blessed are the last 10!

So let’s get started! Below are some of the books that I have enjoyed reading. I am someone who hates reading so these books deserve some credit for keeping me engaged with their easy writing style and short extracts.


You can be the happiest woman in the world

So first up is the book “You can be the happiest woman in the world”. This book was gifted to me and the title says it all, it’s simply about happiness. I love, love and absolutely LOVE this book! For me to say I love this book is a big deal because I really do hate reading! This is a book based on how a woman can achieve happiness in general, within society and in Islam. This book is very easy to read and I suggest you all take some time out and have a read, even men can benefit!  It can help women that are feeling depressed, stressed, unhappy, lost or simply just forgotten what happiness means for a Muslim woman. It’s a great reminder of how happiness is self-made and for many, this can be a self-help book. It’s an East meets West ideology which many can relate to. It is written by the author of the bestselling book ‘Don’t be Sad’ which is also a great read. Also if you are someone who is looking into the religion and want to know more about what Islam teaches about self-help and happiness, then I recommend this book!


Secrets to a Successful Marriage: Every Muslim couple’s Guide to a Long and Contented Married Life

Another book that completely destroyed my talent of never reading or finishing an entire book was this one! I literally could not put this down! Although I am not married, this is an amazing book. The book is actually aimed at single people as well as married couples. I feel the tips and insights can also be applied to other family members! The way it is written is just perfect for me, it is easy to read and it has a lot of things you can relate to as a person living in this day and age. It has some amazing and practical advice on how to perceive the self and the other person when looking to get married and to be honest it is a big reality check. Before looking or judging someone else it’s important to start with yourself and to think about what you have to offer too within a marriage. Too much of the focus and expectations are placed on the potential spouse. I’m not saying not to care about who you’re going to marry, but just to think about the things you have to offer too. Marriage is a partnership and should not be solely left on the shoulders of one. Anyway, this is not a post about marriage but about books so moving on. This book is a must read for parents, married couples or those looking to get married. Actually, it is a good read for anyone. The author of the book is a marriage counsellor who has over 30 years of experience and shares her wisdom with us all. She uses real life examples of common disagreements people have and possible solutions. So to conclude you should have a read because it is a real eye-opener, especially for those who are looking to get married or have marital problems. Most of this is common sense but let’s be honest, common sense isn’t so common anymore. This book isn’t your average Islamic book, it’s not too daunting and it is quite funny too!


The Last Day

This book is a fantastic book to read when you are looking for information about ‘The Last Day’ as seen in the title. It is very informative and allows you to understand what will happen on the Day of Judgment. In fact, you can literally imagine it! (Well, not literally, because you wouldn’t know exactly what it looks like, but trust me you get a really good idea!). Many people are unaware of the events that take place on this day. It causes your mind to refocus in a world full of distractions! This book makes you think about life and to be honest it is a great reminder to remind us of our ultimate destination. Sometimes you have to be reminded because we often lose our way or forget what we are going towards…


Gift of Words

So this cute little book was also given to me. It is a book with keywords with Hadiths or little sayings on every page. It is very easy to read and to share with anyone of any age. They would make really nice and cute Eid gifts too. They are originally made for Dawah for Non-Muslims but I think they are nice reminders for everyone.

You can contact them via this email to order your very own: agiftofwords@gmail.com.


Fortress of the Muslim

I put this book last because this book has absolutely EVERYTHING!!! I got this from an Islamic event I attended in 2004 and I have used it ever since. Whatever Dua you need, it will be in this book trust me. I used to use it all the time when I was younger especially when I didn’t have answers to something, I would find a Dua for it. It has helped a lot and it still does until this day because all the supplications you need are in one place. It’s helped me to supplicate in most situations, travelling while fasting, exams and the dreaded nightmares! If we could read every Dua in here in every situation I know life would be a whole lot better!

Thanks for reading!, I hope you do get a chance to read and benefit from these books like I did too. Please do not forget to comment or message me if you have found this post to be useful and if you would like me to do posts like this from time to time about general things. (I cannot guarantee they will be about religion or on books because I honestly don’t read enough).

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If you have any suggestions on some good reads, please let me know I would love to hear from you guys xo.

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