Lip Lure Review and Swatches by Illamasqua

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Launch date: 15 June 2016

I have had an eye out for this product when I found out it would be a liquid lipstick but not a matte finish. Amazing right? Maybe too good to be true? So as soon as I got my hands on it, I couldn’t wait to try and test it. So here goes my review!

Product Description 

Long lasting, colour intense liquid lipstick with a beautiful, glossy finish. Lip Lure in Dusk glides onto lips smoothly and provides comfortable, continuous wear. The slender shaped sponge applicator allows for precise application and its rich pigment provides ultimate colour pay off.


This liquid lipstick comes in a sleek black cylinder. The lip applicator sponge is long and rounded on the edges which allows you to create a natural lip shape. You can check this out below.



  • Glides on smoothly and feels light on the lips.
  • Available in 10 beautiful colours which range from nude to deep red and even to a deep sea green.
  • Very hydrating, does not feel dry at all.
  • Highly pigmented, you only need a thin layer.
  • Long lasting.
  • Applicator wand allows precision on the lips.
  • It makes the lip looked plumped, giving it a fuller effect.


Light and creamy. Although this is a liquid lipstick, it is not a matte finish. This might a con for some of you but to me it is just perfect, it’s like a lipgloss that is not sticky or heavy and that will last all day!

Lasting power

Long wearing but mine did fade whilst eating so you will have to reapply it.

Cost effective

Yes, it is worth the money but I probably not use the whole colour range.


  • Colours appear lighter on the label stickers and online but is darker on the applicator and skin.
  • Not enough nude shades.
  • If the product is not applied properly it seems to run on the edges after a while.
  • It is not cheap.
  • Cannot see the shade of colour from the outside as packaging is full black with a see through logo which makes it hard to see the colour.
  • Smudges and stains skin when removing the product. You will have to remove this product thoroughly for it to come off.

Recommended colours

Bloom, Rose, Dusk and Jus.


I recommend this to those who are looking for a long lasting yet hydrating lip product that is not a matte finish. Personally, I would use a matte liquid lipstick first and then apply this over it or in the centre of the lips. Lipgloss lovers will love this.

Swatches (Top with flash and bottom without flash)image1

Colours left to right Bloom, Rose, Dusk, Pow, Virtue, Orchid, Embers, Sorbet, Jus, Nebulus.

image1 (27)

Available to purchase here

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