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This blog was supposed to be posted in the first week of January, sorry for the delay. It’s been a busy month, you may or may not know that I have launched my YouTube Channel and I will now be posting videos there 3 times a month and a blog once a month. Click the link below to see my channel and don’t forget to Subscribe to know when my video are up.

So let’s get to it, it has been another year of amazing and ridiculous products and trends, so let’s see what did it for me this year. Some of these products have been around for a while but were new to me in 2016.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

I know this is an oldie but I finally tried this out earlier this year and I have been loving it ever since! It is such a great affordable concealer whether it is for everyday wear or event wear. I’ve just opened my third one.

Everlasting lipstick – Kat Von D

These are my favourite liquid lipsticks, they are highly pigmented and hydrating, you only need a thin layer and it lasts for a long time, it feels like ultra lightweight on the lips.

Lime Crime – Velvetines

These are another favourite of mine especially for brides, it lasts a very long time and are highly pigmented. The finish of these are absolutely stunning,  I use these for most of my brides who have long events.

Matte Lip Creme – FIINX

These are my recent favourites, they are perfect for day or night wear they last a very long time and are ultra matte. I have a discount code you can use which is listed on my discount code page, see the full review here

NYX – dewy spray

I am totally loving this makeup spray, I picked it up from Imats this summer and have been loving the effect it has on my clients ever since. It gives the skin a beautiful healthy glow without looking cakey.

Beyond Powders – Highlighter in OMG from Illamasqua

This is my go to highlighter ever since it launched gives you such an amazing golden glow without looking too crazy. It works for lots of different skintones and can be buildable with the amount of powder you put on, going from a natural glow to super glow.

Betty Lou highlighter – The Balm

I bought this highlighter abroad when I went to Turkey in April but I forgot about it because I already had my go to highlighters that I was using at the time. I recently found it in my draw last month and decided to open it and use it. This is now my current favourite highlighter which I have been using for the last month and I’m totally in love, I can’t believe I have had this since April and never used it. It is a beautiful bronze highlight which gleams beautifully. I thought it would be too dark for me but it looks so good and doesn’t give too much of a dark bronze effect, it is such an amazing highlighter and gives that pop. Sometimes I mix this with the Mary Lou Highlighter or the OMG highlighter on special occasions to give an extra glow.

Tarte Creaseless Concealer

This my loves totally lives up to the hype, it is a rich and creamy concealer and a little definitely goes a long way. However, you need to know how to use it otherwise it’s a total fail! So, the correct way to use this concealer is to make sure you use a small amount and to set it properly with powder as you would to any other creamy concealer because if you don’t then it will crease and it will create texture on the skin.

Mac Duo fibre Brush – 188

I actually bought this brush about 5 years ago but to be honest I had no idea of how to utilise it. I ended up not liking it and so I gave it away. I then repurchased it in October 2016 and have been loving it so much that I now have 3!  This brush is amazing for liquid foundations, cream contour and powder contour.

Mac Brush – Fluffy blending brush 217

This has been a favourite for a very long time, it is the best blending brush for eyeshadow to date, this is an oldie but a goldie.

Anastasia Brow brush #12 – To be honest I never really thought a brow brush could make that much of a difference, I thought any angled brush will do. However, ever since I got my hand on this badboy in March I have not been able to put it down, it makes such a big difference to the precison of the brow. This is a must have tool for all you defined brow lovers, I eneded up buying another one just incase I ever lost mine.

Sephora – Outrageous Curl Mascara

I have been loving this mascara since I started using it in September, the wand is so small which means its so convenient to get to the inner corner lashes and the lash line quickly and precisely. By doing that it gives an effect of a fuller, thicker and longer lash. If you can get your hands on this bad boy then don’t miss out.

Kat Von D – Shade and Light

Nyx contour palette

Both of these are my go to palettes the colour intensity and formula is just amazing, I won’t go into too much detail as you can see what I think of them in the review that is linked below.

Hiimpact brow – Brow powder

I am in love with this brow powder, it gives the perfect brow everytime and it is not too over powering. It lasts forever and is so good for all different brow shades too. To be honest sometimes I use this powder for eyeshadow too!

Extreme Art Liner

I have tried many eyeliners over the years and I though the Tattoo liner from Kat Von D was the best when I purchased it in Feb 2016 and I had been using it relligiously, I then purchashed this AOM Extreme Art Liner from IMATs in the Summer and have fallen in love, I did have my eye on this for a while but wasn’t sure if it could compete with the Tattoo Liner and let me tell you. It is definately worth getting, especially if you are a beginner or find it hard to do eyeliner. I love the Tattoo liner and this one both but for me this is my go to, it is super quick and easy. I now have four in my house; one for me, one for mum, one for my kit and one just incase. Most of my clients who have a makeup lesson with me end up purchasing it because it so amazing. The main difference between the Tattoo Liner and Extreme Art Liner is that this is easier to use, is higher in pigment and is matte and the Tattoo Liner is super super matte and allow you to give more precision in smaller detail and actually looks like its ink on your skin.

Garnier Micellar water

This has been an overall hit for many of you this year, for me it has been my go to after my usual cleansing it takes off so much more than any other product. I also use it to clean up makeup mistakes.

To see a full review on this click on the link

Aveeno Daily

You guys already know about my love for this moisturiser if you’ve been reading my blog and on my snapchat. This moisturiser has been a game changer for me, I am so happy with this, I have never looked back ever since Feb.

To see a full review on this click on the link

Pro longwear nourishing waterproof foundation – MAC

I saw this a few weeks ago on Nikkietutorials favourites video and I thought I should try it. I have been using it for a few days now and I must say I am really suprised with how well it suited me. I have oily skin and this is a nice Satin finish which won me over. I am a hardcore Matte lover when it comes to my personal foundation, I now reach out to this foundation a lot more often.

Anne Hair oils

When I say these oils have been a lifesaver I mean it, I am so impressed with these and they have given my hair and lashes life. I have been using them mainly on my lashes and it has

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

I am totally in love with this beauty oil, it works amazingly under makeup even fro those with oily skin. To be honest I didn’t really think it would be as great with oily skin and foundation but it really suprised me. I thought it would leave an oily/greasy residue on the skin but it doesn’t. It is super hydrating and does not leave the skin sticky. Once on the skin it feels like nothing at all which is what I like, especially with my skin being oily. It works just as amazingly when using it alone on bare skin. It is full of nutrients for the skin and helps improve the appearance of the complexion. The

Vitamin E cream – theskincarestore

This is a lovely organic Vitamin E cream which nourishes the skin and gives the skin a better complexion, to see the full review click below.

I hope you enjoy my reviews, comment on my instagram or send an email on what you would like to see next xo

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