Organic Skincare

Often people focus more on  makeup however taking care of your skin is just as important if not more important. Your skin needs nutrients and sometimes if we can’t get them internally we must put them onto our skin externally so that we can have some benefit. Moisturiser is something many people miss out in their daily routine and it does affect the skin when the the skin is cleaned and given enough vitamins.

The two products I want to share is the Hydrating Cream and the Vitamin E cream.


The creams come in different textures some are jelly like and some in a solid form in a glass container. Once you take some product out on the hand it quickly becomes into a liquid on the palm of the hand as it warms up. Once it has been applied it feels smooth on the skin!



This cream comes in a in a glass container which seals airtight, this is important because there are no preservitives. The product itself goes smoothly on the skin once applied. I have been alternating with these two cream every morning and night and before makeup application.


Both creams are very hydrating to the skin, I use the Hydrating cream as a day cream and Vitamin E cream as a night cream. All their products are natural and organic therefore it takes a few weeks before you see results, as does any skin regime. They work just as amazing on men as they do on the women.

Although the Hydrating cream is suggested for dry skin but works extremely well for all skin types. For best results use daily. The Hydrating Cream is light and works well undermakeup especially for dry skin. If you have a dry patch or itchy skin it quickly soothes and reduces skin inflamation. It also helps to make the skin look more even toned and is non-greasy. This works really well for people who are in the sun alot as it protects from sun exposure which promotes aging, age spots and freckles. So this great to use for anti-aging. This product is best suited for normal to oily skin.

Vitamin E Cream is a thicker cream which I wear at night because I feel as though your skin gives it a chance to work over night. This cream is amazing if you have any pigmentation, scars or marks. It also has helped fade some stretch marks and active acne. Even if you do not have problematic skin this cream has shown to great results which promotes a radiant healthy glow. This product is best suited for dry to normal skin. Although I have oily skin the Vitamin E cream has worked a treat for me.


Both creams have different natural smells to them, they are organic products so they are perfume free but you can smell the ingredients that are within the product.

Cost effective

Yes, they are absolutely worth it for £15 for an organic product.



Highly recommended for all skin types. Especially if you have sensitive or problematic skin. It’s great for those who do not want to use chemicals and would like organic products on their skin!  Tester pots are also available so you can try before you buy, which is fantastic. There is one for everyone. Check their whole range out and let me know what you think.

They are:

  • Vegan friendly
  • Chemical free
  • Preservative free
  • Purfume free
  • Toxin free

These can be purchased via the Instagram page @the_skincarestore

I hope you enjoy my reviews, comment on my instagram or send an email what you would like to see next xo

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