How to make your Mendhi dark

Eid is tomorrow here in the UK so this one is for all of you who enjoy putting mendhi on!

Many of you may know mendhi as ‘Henna’ it is traditional to put these henna designs on the nights before events such as Weddings, Eid and Sangeets. It is very popular in the Asian and Arab culture but over the past few years, it has also become very popular in the Western community. Stars such as Beyonce and Rihanna have also taken interest in these designs and they have become very popular tattoo designs.

Henna is a temporary stain on the skin which can range from an orange to deep maroon colour. One of the worst things that could possibly happen is you go and get a henna design applied and the colour does not stain to your desired choice. Yes, I have been a victim of bright orange henna stain on my hands too and let me tell you it is the worst thing ever! I literally wanted to keep my hands hidden! So here are some tips on how to darken your henna overnight.

Tips and tricks on how to darken your Mendhi/Henna stain.

  1. Try to plan ahead, you should typically try to put henna on 2days before your event, this is so that it gives the henna a chance to stain properly.
  2. Leave your henna on your skin for as long as possible. Do not wash it off before 6hours of application. It is best to keep it overnight so that the colour can deepen further.
  3. Scrape off dried henna with a butter knife, do not have any contact with water. vicks
  4. Apply Vicks Vapo Rub to your henna, this can be done on the dry henna or the scraped off henna. The Vicks has ingredients that triggers faster dye development as it allows heat flow from your blood. This by far works the best for me.
  5. Wrap your area of application up with a clingfilm or wrap it up in a plastic bag, that’s if its on your hand and foot or you can get a plastic glove like i do from the petrol station. They are perfect for this beacuse it has a nice loose fit on the hand. It always works for me as it allows the colour to sweat to give a richer colour. Make sure you have scraped it off first otherwise you’ll ruin the design.image3 (5)
  6. You can also apply sugar and lemon to the mendhi but it usually works better on herbal henna but you can also give it a try and see how it works. The sugar and lemon helps to stick the henna on to the body so that the colour can deepen further. It hasn’t worked for me but it does on some people, so give it a try.
  7. It is best to wax/shave before henna application.

image1 (28)

My mendhi which I scraped off after it had dried and been kept on for 6 hours. Photo taken 5am 5/7/16. Mendhi applied at 11pm 4/7/16

image1 (29)

This is what my henna looked like after applying Vicks Vapo Rub on and leaving it overnight with my hands in plastic gloves for half an hour. Photo taken 1pm 5/7/16 (it looks lighter in the photo and darker in real life!) Also please note it has not yet been a full 24hours.

Mendhi done by @ani_arts

My favourite Henna artists which can be found on Instagram

  1. @hennabydivya
  2. @girly.henna
  3. @ani_arts

Other henna artists I would recommend, they may be local go you so go give them a go! Instagram names are listed below.

@craftedcandles – specialising in natural henna. Location Base: Gloucester (South-West of England)

@henna_by_nayab – Location Base: Goodmayes (East London)

@mehndibygurjeet – Location Base: Forest Gate (East London)

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